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A Workshop With Children, Young Women And Community People To Review And Implementation Of NPA

A workshop with children, young women and community people to review and implementation of NPA

The Government of the Bangladesh has been making sincere efforts to combat all forms of trafficking in person, especially trafficking in women and children. Effort of the Government  of Bangladesh thus far have included enactment of the specific law, working in partnership with national non-Government organizations and international non-government organization, the government has implemented a series of anti-human trafficking activity. But last US report (traffic in person) says Bangladesh is at risk (tire two level), in this situation we need to review the stakeholders perception and step of action for NPA, and prepare us for Next NPA. A workshop with children, young women and community people to review and implementation of NPA on HT at divisional /district level was organized by Nari Maitree and the PCTSCN Consortium on 3 March, 2018 in the hall room at Rangpur high school.

Mr. Abdul Jalil, the Vice president of the Judge court Bar and the Head Master of Rangpur High School was present as special guests and 57 peoples from Local level administration, Media Personnel, Parents, CSO, Lawyer, students has participated in the workshop.

Mr. Abdul Jalil, the Vice president of the Judge court Bar said in his Special Guest speech “according to law there is no problem to punish the criminals on trafficking but we need to ensure the proper implementation of the law. It is good PCTSCN trying to reduce the child trafficking rate and NPA implementation but PCTSCN not 1st authority, Government should have taken responsibility and PCTSCN can help them and remind them (government  level, local related stakeholder level) their responsibilities.”

The Head Master of Rangpur High School said, he is happy because PCTSCN select his school for this event and he will help PCTSCN in future. By working together it is possible to reduce the child trafficking issue in Bangladesh and implement the NPA. He also requested the students to disseminate the massage with other students and their families.

A video documentary was shown to the participants. The video documentary is an awareness and advocacy tool to aware mass people. Message of anti-child trafficking was thrown in the show. The audience could easily capture the message, and in some cases responded with the actors. A multimedia presentation had shown the participant about the information of child trafficking. After the stage of end the participants expressed their opinion regarding child trafficking, child marriage and requested more campaigns in urban and rural level.

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