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Consultations With Children And Young Women To Develop Messages For SMS, Poster, Leaflet And Sticker

Consultations with children and young women to develop messages for SMS, poster, leaflet and sticker

A Consultations with children and young women to develop messages for SMS, poster, leaflet and sticker was organized by BNWLA and all out coordination of PCTSCN Consortium on 21 March 2018 . The event was organized in the conference room of BNWLA, Agargoan, Dhaka. 40 participants comprising of Children and young women from school, community have been participated here.

The Consultation started at 10:am with the participation of school children and youth women. The consultation session inaugurated by Adv. Towhida khondker, Director BNWLA  and the session facilitated by Maliha Sultana, PC ,BNWLA.

After the inauguration and introduction session the facilitator conducted each other knowing session and taken expectation from the participant. Then Ms. Maliha Sultana has been discussed about objective and Goal of this Program and shown presentation and docu-drama on child trafficking. The facilitator discussed about consequence of child trafficking, child marriage and violence against children and gender base violence issue. Then the all participants divided 3 groups as per facilitator instruction and developed message about poster, SMS, leaflet. After finished group work they presented their presentation. They also demanded continuity of these project initiatives and showed their interest to work against the child trafficking, child marriage and take steps towards violence against children. Facilitator given thanks to the children and youth women who are actively involvement in this session and given opinion to develop message for publishing poster and leaflets.

The consultation was very fruitful and participatory. All participant aware about child trafficking and given commit he or she will aware to another children to safe from child trafficking. The Participant of this program demands grass roots awareness is much needed.

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