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Community  Participation  &  Development  (CPD)  has  been  working  since  1993  which was initiated by a group of local enthusiastic social workers with a view of uplift the social and economic conditions of distressed Women and Children of different areas of Bangladesh. It has been working with the disadvantaged people implementing programs, like childcare, women empowerment, adolescent development, Health services, vocational training, child education, soft skill & income generation activities, Anti-trafficking, Disaster Risk Reduction(DRR) and Climate Change Adaptation by the support of terre des homes Netherlands, World Bank, Danida Frame through Save the Children, DFID and Comic Relief through Manusher Jonno Foundation, UNICEF, ICCO-KEA, IKEA Foundation through Save the Children, DFAT, AusAid and European Commission (EC). CPD is working to change in policies and practices affecting children’s and young people’s rights.


Empowerment of disadvantaged community, particularly women, adolescents and children under urban & rural areas in Bangladesh through increasing their living capacity for poverty reduction and social security towards good governance

Mission Statement

CPD has been working both in rural and urban areas in Bangladesh for development of livelihood of the disadvantaged women, children and youth. CPD has been working with the target groups in an integrated approach through implementing different activities such as child education, vocational education, health services, social awareness, income generating activities, skills development training, advocacy program, child club activities, employment generation, combating trafficking, disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation etc.

CPD adopts different strategies such as mobilization of skilled staff members, involvement of stakeholders and empowerment in implementation of its programs. Besides that, CPD co-ordinates with local government and local administration for developing livelihoods of disadvantaged children and women.

CPD believes and practices honesty, neutrality, transparency, accountability in implementation of different needs based program.


  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Mutual trust
  • Participatory Decision Making
  • Respect to everybody’s opinion
  • Good Interpersonal Relationship
  • Staff Commitment
  • Team Work.
  • Commitment to organizational vision mission, objective & goal
  • Professionalism
  • Sincerity, honesty and disciplinary manner
  • Neutralism
  • Gender sensitive organization

Legal Status:

Sl. Name of the department Registration No. Date
1. Department of Social Services DHA- 03187 17-10-1994
2. NGO Affairs Bureau of Bangladesh NGOAB: No- 1016 07-03-1996,  Renew Dated: 07-03-2016