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The goals of the programme:

  • A social safety-net is adequately preventing child trafficking
  • An active policy-legal-service regime to combat child trafficking is put in place

The immediate objectives of the programme:

  • To raise awareness of the of the children, their parents and community members regarding trafficking in children (causes, consequences, legal provisions, sources of assistance and need of removal of social stigma to facilitate mainstreaming of the survivors and preventing push for trafficking/re-trafficking)
  • To strengthen capacity and facilitating active role of different committees formed under the NPA and Children’s Act to address the issue of trafficking in children
  • To promote of GO-NGO cooperation to protect the children employed in the informal sector of the econom y (in which trafficked children are exploited)
  • To raise awareness on social protection opportunities to prevent child marriage (of girls)
  • To strengthening coordination and capacity of the GOs and NGOs to address the issue of child trafficking through strong service and advocacy networking
  • To develop an updated knowledge base and data sharing mechanism on status (incidence, interventions, legal outcomes etc.) and trends of child trafficking.