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Jan April Qualitative Report2018

In this period, 6 voice raising workshops were done with Ward Councilors, community leaders, religious leaders, Youth, Adolescent, parents and media  people. Through these workshop all of them were aware and informed on GBV issues and National Plan of Action & Human Trafficking Act and Rules. Six School Campaigns were organized in National level in Dhaka and District level at Rangpur and Jessore. Through these school campaign were reached around 2500 persons (girls, boys and adults). Apart from that four consultations were done to develop messages for publishing materials like SMS, poster, leaflet. Around 112 were participated in these event including children & youth.  These are aimed to include children and youth’s voice in the process of adopting and implementation of National Plan of Action for functioning of Authority, Fund and Special Tribunal for combating trafficking. One national level press conference was organized for inclusion of Children issues separately in the National Plan of Action (NPA) on HT. One NACG (National Action Coordination Group) meeting of CSO’s done this quarter, where common forum for mutual capacity building and voice raising is welcomed regarding children and GBV issues. As through the project a regular website and e-newsletter are published and shared among the stakeholders. In this quarter around hundred thousand people hits were made in the website and E-newsletters to get information. However, SAIEVAC, a regional platform endorsed their commitment to work with ATSEC to combat child trafficking. This network have (ATSEC) got government approval & registration for 10 years. All the consortium members are member of ATSEC platform which will help to address this trafficking and GBV issues regional and national level in a better way. Moreover, from the consortium and ATSEC jointly raised the concern to incorporate children issues in the draft National Plan of Action 2018-2022.

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