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Progress Report Jan March 2017

Prevention of Child Trafficking through Strengthening Community and Networking Consortium (PCTSCN) has focused on activating Counter-Trafficking Committees (CTCs) in the district, sub-district and union levels so that prevention and protection of child trafficking can be addressed at different administrative tiers. In this process the continuous lobby and advocacy activities were carried out with the government bodies at different levels. In this quarter meetings and consultations with stakeholders of 8 CTCs have been conducted for making the CTCs functional. A positive notion has been created among stakeholders (district, sub-district and union level administrations) and it is expected that the CTCs will be functional soon as commitment of development of work-plan has been built. In this quarter Capacity-building initiatives were taken for LEB, CTC, CWC and NGOs. Also capacity-building workshops have been conducted with media personnel to sensitize the journalists on child trafficking issues. Critical issues relating to child trafficking were shared through grassroots-level press conference. News related to child trafficking were also published and disseminated through newsletter, interactive website and social media. Moreover, the linkage and referral networks with National Human Rights Commission and district-level Legal Aid Services (government – run) have been explored in this quarter to formulate MoUs at national and district level so that victims of child trafficking can access these institutions for justice. Through school campaign concerns and voices of the children on child trafficking have been raised and voluntary-committees of students have been formed in 12 schools to ensure follow-up.

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