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Quarterly Progress report July-Sept 2017

In this quarter, most of the planned activities has been conducted with the participation of all stakeholder including the children. The Counter-Trafficking Committees (CTCs) were activated at district, sub-district and union levels through 15 Consultation Meetings, which helped to address the child prevention and protection issues in the grassroots level. The duty bearers have now taken initiatives through the CTC to work at community level on awareness and promotional level. Outcome harvesting workshop held in this quarter and our project enabled to demonstrate good signs and progress during the last project period. The legal process has been monitored and a Watchdog Committee has been formed in this quarter to oversee the judicial process from the outside for betterment of the children. As an Ambassador of Right defender, Children’s participation has been promoted in all level of activities in the district and national level. Child Protection issue has been placed to the policy makers. The government also enacted rules of the human trafficking law and taken initiatives to enforce this law in all spheres. This is also a part of regular lobby and advocacy with the government through the CTM consortium under GAA.

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